Light Fixers Low Tack Removable
For quick and easy adhesion, our glue dots are just the answer. Application is simple, clean and the results are instant.

With three adhesive grades (Light, Regular and Secure) and three different sizes, our glue dots are suitable for most applications. All standard adhesives are suitable for indirect contact with food and food packaging environments. The adhesive conforms to FDA approval 175.125.

Light Fixers provide a temporary bond enabling you to remove, or easily pull apart, many lightweight products, such as un-coated paper and card. These fixers should not leave any adhesive residue on most surfaces.

Stock CodeDiameterAdhesionPack Quantity
FFSL6mmLight Fixers (Low Tack Removable)5000
FFML10mmLight Fixers (Low Tack Removable)5000
FFLL15mmLight Fixers (Low Tack Removable)4000